Love from your Soul…

As I wake to yet another glorious sunny morning in England, with birds singing all around, a wave of calm & peace fills the air and I take time count my blessings.

I have much I could complain about in my life, in many cases things are quite bad actually and I have many problems personally, but I always keep perspective.

But, I stop and feel no need to complain truly. I am alive & healthy. I reflect on all I have seen in Syria to date. Thousands are starving right now, homeless, displaced, disabled for life, unable to get their children medicine for illnesses, limbless, suffering severe loss like we will never truly understand in other democracies around the world.

No doubt, the things in Syria I have seen have changed me greatly as a person. All for a much better person to really strive to help others in life now, to always keep love in my heart no matter what & to never hold an ounce of hate in my soul.

As I think of those moments as I travel through blood stained derelect streets, I recall the lifeless children, unable to save after being hit at random by shelling & rockets dropped at random from above. I think of all the young men I have watched die because of lack of medical care available. I think off the young children, the families living hungry every day, many without even access to clean water. 12 year old girls telling me of their horrendous rape stories. The things I could tell you, you would not believe unless you have seen for yourself also.

I still sometimes find it hard to believe the things I have seen inside Syria & how on earth this can be happening in this day in age.

We always say, ‘things could be much worse’ to one another when going through hard times, but truly, how many stop and do realise this? How many count your blessings daily. How many strive to do anything to help another in need & how much just talk about this.

One thing I can say that affects me the most, is even in the most difficult time the people inside Syria are facing, I have never in my life experienced such beauty & kindness. I am always in awe at how they can be like this. Through the most difficult times they are experiencing, families take time to help me, take me in, give me somewhere to sleep, something to eat while trying to cater to my dietary preferences regardless of my objections and the difficulty to source food. They clean me up, give me clothes to wear, treat me like their family, and worry for me, while their own family has suffered great loss beyond your imagination. Even with this, they object to me so strongly trying to give them any money, something they desperately need.
When I leave from my short visits with families, I am overwhelmed with gifts from little children of any kind to remember them by they tell me. From fruit from a tree they picked if they have that around, a tissue, a necklace, anything possible. Such kindness & love with everything happening to them.

Such kindness I don’t think I will ever experience again, it certainly is a life changing experience and brings great sadness within when I look around at how we treat each other on a daily basis.

I have had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people in England in the past few weeks, some within the Syrian communities and feel so touched by the love and dedication in their hearts. Many having changed their own lives to give to Syria with just about keeping their mortgage paid to send the rest to help those starving & in need in Syria. Many doing anything they can to help in any way in Syria in a humanitarian manner. It’s truly admirable.

Families that have once take me in, helped me have since been killed. These families I have stayed with were just trying to stay indoors, away from any trouble, not fighting on either side in any way. Just dreaming of their children to go to school safely, fathers wanting to have work to provide for their families, just dreaming of normal lives than we all take for granted daily.

I can only feel inspired by such beauty in life. If they can take me in, a complete stranger into their lives through the worse horrors imaginable, then surely we can all be doing more to help one another on a daily basis.

No matter what hate is put out into your world, always release it. Keep peace & love in your heart always, and always help another in need, no matter how big or small. There is so much we can do to help one another, a friend in need, family in need, stranger in need. This is what life is all about, helping one another in this world. It’s about spreading a message of peace & love through everyone’s soul.

Appreciate the beauty around you and share it with others, banish the hate. Hate will only bred more hate and this is something I have witnessed in life grow deeper and it’s an awful thing.

Never live where you will hold regret, wish you could have done more, changed something, do it, live in right now. There are no excuses.

Stop and think, what can you do better, how can you be better in life, we all can always be better, we can and should always be learning and changing to be better people in life. Make a change. Do something great today, help another. Keep love in your heart.

If you want to help those in need in Syria, I recommend these 2 organisations as I have personally watched their great hands on work to get aid into Syria. Things are deteriorating rapidly daily. The situation is out of control in Syria and like no other war crisis situation you can imagine. You are only seeing a small percentage of what is happening in the news.

Human Care Foundation Worldwide

If you want any further information on the best ways to help those in need in Syria, please feel free to get in touch.

With Peace & Love,

Yasmin x

Lessons in Life & Love, from Syria.

The Jewels of Life…

We live in a cold world at the most of times. We live in a societies where cheating, deceits, lies are of no shock to us. We live in a world where rape is the fastest growing crime in many countries. 1 in 3 women will be sexual assaulted in her lifetime, 1 in 6 boys will be sexually assaulted by the time they are 18. We live in a culture at most times where we shove past one another, mutter rude words to strangers under our breath to release our inner problems. We live in a world where we are killing one another in some form or another. We live in a world where human trafficking is a worldwide business totally over 30 billion dollars a year, with around 3 million people being trafficked worldwide, of which around 1.2 million are children. People are killing one another in various countries around the world. People are giving their lives just for a taste of freedom.

Most humans love to turn a blind eye to this small list of world problems, and sadly this truly is a tiny selection of issues around the world.

These are all things that I have to say with deep regret I don’t see changing in my lifetime. It seems these problems are only worsening worldwide. But, we can all do our part to help our world, even if it is just the tiny bubble of life around us, it will make a change.

Now, we are all guilty of having our moments, don’t get me wrong, I am by far no saint. No-one ever will be, but, we certainly can keep ourselves in check.

Recently I have been working within Syria to try to show what is happening to the people within, to try to help with the problems that Syria is facing.

I have of course learned a lot from these experiences, along with all of mine in life. I have been reflecting on all of this in the past week.

In various trips to different areas of Syria during the revolution within, I have watched people die, I have held children in my arms as I have desperately wanted to be able to revive them, I have watched feeling completely empty at the lifeless bodies of young souls taken away for no just reasons. I have watched grown men, young and old go off to clashes and not return alive as they give their heart and soul to fight to protect their loved ones. I have watched the uncontrollable tears as loved ones mourn over the lost corpses with the sound of shelling echo in the air. I have hidden in buildings praying for our lives not knowing where the next shell or rocket may land in complete darkness. I have watched helicopters drop rockets from above and random over villages of people who have little chance of survival. I have listened to a 12 year old tell me how they watched their loved ones being murdered while they are raped as they pray for death.

What does this give me? Perspective of the world we live in. It has proven to me just how cold this world can be. As I watch the tragedy within Syria, and of course, not only Syria is experiencing great crimes, but it is certainly experiencing the worst in this moment of time. Syria however is experience the truth of how cold our world can be as it is still left along with little help in various ways. The world watches as humanitarian crimes continue to be committed.
I wish I knew how to put it into words the things I have seen, the feelings, emotions, thoughts it provokes, but no-one ever would be able to.

Nothing is more precious in this world than love, bonds, truth, honesty, having people around you who truly care for you in the good and bad. Life can be awful short, in any country, even on a perfectly sunny day, tragedy can strike, and I can assure you if that happened, most of us will bear scars of regret, why did I do that, why did I not say this, why, what, and all the rest. I know this will happen.

Why should it take a moment like that to learn the value of love, it shouldn’t. We should value our every moment, treasure the care around us, respect this, forgive, learn from our mistakes that we will forever make through life, let go of resentments, hate, what good is this to add to this cold world around us. Never leave things until it is too late, don’t live in fear, secrets, or lies, live being you with only love in your heart and not only will the world around benefit from this energy, the greatest person to benefit will be you.

I admire many in Syria in so many ways. The bonds they have for one another, how they take care of one another, not only in such a time as now, but in general are beautiful. While of course it is not all like this, but, the majority is like this.

In Western culture, if we had such a crisis, our culture has taught us to lock our doors and take care of ourselves; our culture is much more selfish.

I admire the innocent within people I meet in Syria. Young girls & boys are so respectful, take care of their family, I watched a girl who just turned 17 go to sleep cuddling her teddy bear she was given as a gift. I watch as they help their parents bring up the other children, I watch in awe as they don’t complain.

I think about this when I come back to the my culture, I hear young girls around 14 talking about some guy they just slept with, I watch as they young teens spit on the street, curse like it is the language we are taught in school – maybe it is nowadays, I don’t know. I watch a 16 year old struggle along pregnant with a cigarette in one hand and a young kid already on her arm to an unknown father. I watch as they fight outside of clubs, throwing up on the streets. I look as children bring up children. I watch as much of the youth have no concept of the value of money, care, honesty. I watch the deterioration on a daily basis. Apparently it is ‘cool’ as I was told once to curse, to act like a gangster, to indulge in sexual activities at such young ages.

I think at this point there are too many to blame, parents, culture, media as they admire reality ‘stars’. Class, self-respect, honesty, loyalty are certainly not words of where their meaning exist. This is another topic to write one though.

I ask you to stop in your life for a moment, look around. What can you do different to benefit this world? What small change can you offer this world?

I am not saying everyone needs to go out and give all their money to help a good cause, or get on the first flight to a war zone to help, but if you can help do it. If you know you could change something in your life, in you to better you as a person, do it. Don’t procrastinate.

It may seem that the world is a depressing place from reading this, most run from this type of talk; most prefer to turn a blind eye and just act like they help.

This is not about religion, culture, country you live in, this is about humanity. Help humanity.

Live in love, appreciate what you have around you, don’t complain when you have nothing to complain about, and don’t wait until it is too late. Live in love.

We can all do our part to make the world a beautiful place. There is much beauty around, don’t get me wrong.

I see the tragedy and crimes around the world, but it helps me as a person within because it makes you learn what is important; what is precious. This should be instilled in our hearts though, honesty, love, respect, humanity should be engraved in our hearts.

This may be a little off topic, but I wanted to share this.
I was telling a friend a story the other day, I was in a restaurant, a couple where celebrating 50 years together or up’s and downs but ultimately true love they told me, we all cheered for this in the restaurant. It made me stop and think, what an old culture sadly, this shocks us, yet when you hear he / she cheated, he / she lied etc… are we truly shocked… the answer is no, it is what is common sadly, yet it should not be.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Don’t swim with the other fish in the sea, swim against the tide. Open your heart, open your mind. Open your eyes. Bring more love into this world.

The jewel of life is love.

Yasmin x