‘Calling all Humans’ – an inspiring read.

I want to share this beautiful poem written by an inspiring young lady; Tanisha Ahmed. She first wrote to me when she was 13; now at 15 she has written this and sharing it on Monday 23rd March in New York for a poetry contest.
I feel very proud of this young lady, who she is and who she is becoming every day. She sent me this to share with her nerves about reading it aloud, she has a vision that is just heart-warming; full of love and care for humanity and a strong passion from when she first wrote to me to care for humanity and do something for our world.

Please read and share your thoughts, I would love for Tanisha to be able to see the support and love there is across the world.

I have no question this girl is going to go very far in life and make a big difference to our world. Through every email she shares with me I see it more and more and can only smile greatly with love that I have been lucky to know her. She is full of wisdom beyond her years from the first day she reach out to me and it continues to grow wonderfully.

I cannot upload it here in the same format as she has it, but please do read it below, it is beautiful to see the young in our world, the future with such love and passion to have these feelings to write something as this.

My love to you always Tanisha; where ever I am you are thought about often and inspire me daily. x

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Calling All Humans

O my beloved sisters and brothers whom walk the soil of this Earth with Me. Yes! It’s true we are different in our color, in our race and in our Creed.
But what does all that matter when every one of us bleed the same. Do We not all bleed red? Or do we?

So listen close to my words.

I am Calling All humans. For I have an urgent message to deliver. On Behalf of the oppressed and impoverished and voiceless people of the Earth.


For wounded souls speak.


Do you wish of a world with only hate and injustice?

A world with no love nor any tears for anyone’s bloodshed.

A world in which the wrong is seen as the right and the truth is known As the lie and the good are looked at as the bad.

Do you wish of a world where people blame God for the doing of evil Despite the fact he has given us everything to live equal?

A world where people remain silent against the oppression of people.

But I’m sure you wish of such a world because isn’t this the place you Call home?

I mean just how can you want to keep enjoying your time, while Knowing there are children in this world bleeding and even when you Waste your money on useless things, when you could have given to Someone in need.

Wake up O humans for humanity is calling to you in need!

Just look at Palestine where prayers are used as weapons against those Thieves who hid behind their guns and tanks shooting them at the Palestinians as if it’s “no big deal.”

Wake up O humans for humanity is calling to you in need!

Masjid Al-Aqsa awaits for you to set it free!

And surley Wallahi: By God we will set it free.For freedom is the only Language we warriors of God know how to speak.

Speak! Speak louder and raise your words with rhymes of justice and Peace that even the most toughest and most stubborn of mountains Will submit and salute you before your knees.

For your word is deep like the wounds of a child. The temporary Wounds on their skin but the everlasting wound on their heart as they Waited for your help.

O you whom see’s with your heart instead of your eyes. Let’s call upon Our lord as one nation our lord whom gives and gives whom Generously. O lord Al-Karim give us Noor: light in our hearts to make us Aware and O lord send us Arc Angel Azrael just too bare witness of our Prayers. For we dream to be amongst those you love.

O my dear sisters and brothers that I call upon in sincere need!

The screams are screaming for you so take heed!

Your triumph is there, turn no more blind eyes to the impoverished and Oppressed but beware for the strongest weapons in the entire universe For amour and protection is not that of blood and of steel but rather a Voice for the voiceless and a Mother’s prayer.

For there is no barrier between them and God.

فَقِيرٌ خَيْرٍ مِنْ إِلَيَّ أَنزَلْتَ لِمَا إِنِّي رَبِّ فَقَالَ

Fa qaa la Rabbi inne lima anzalta ilayaa min khayrin faqeer (24) Al-Qasas

“My lord indeed I am for whatever good you would send down to me in need.”

And indeed God will give a mighty victory to those who stand for justice!


By: Tanisha Ahmed

20 thoughts on “‘Calling all Humans’ – an inspiring read.

  1. We are with you Tanisha. Don’t stop writing. Let the world know what it means to call a place home and pretend to ignore it. Love from Canada.

    1. With good people like you to support me, I will not stop. Thank you so much and love back to you from the U.S! 🙂

  2. I was so shocked when i read this because your so young, this is so deeply uplifting and passionate. Very heart felt and tear jerking. Great great job!

  3. OHMYGOD this was beautiful!!! We’re here with you tanisha. Can’t believe we’re friends and I didn’t even know you could write like this😭💓

  4. I believe that Tanisha is highly capable of any thing involving greatness. This poem is the best I’ve read so far. Any one in their right mind should read this. Most people these days don’t really pay attention to things like this, so it’s good to see an actual human being discussing problems going on in the world. I truly wish that I could’ve seen her present this spoken word. How inspiring.

  5. I agree with you soooo much much.tanisha is such an amazing and talented writer and she has a great heart which she puts in her writing .when I read the poem my heart felt so warm and fuzzy .she put a positive message in her poem. I loved reading her writing And I hope she continue writing more amazing writing pieces like in the future.

  6. this poem was very compassionate and endearing. This poem is the voice for all who are in need. In my opinion, she should continue to write more. I personally think that she can make more impactful poems.

  7. First everyone, thank you for your kindness and motivating words. They helped a lot, thank you for taking time to write so much for me. Forgive me for replying now, and my contest was a success, thanks to your love and support. And especially you Yasmin, I love you a bunch. Thank you for everything you have taught me and done for me.

  8. So deep and Very wonderful poem tanisha 😭💗 if you continue to write like this you will be so successful in the future 😊👍

    1. Thank you Thamena, I wish we could have been friends in a better place. But I promise I am good in heart. If only you wouldn’t listen to every word that the tigers say.

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