Syria, سوريا, Siria, Syrie…

Whatever way you say Syria in your country one has to wonder what is there to say anymore that has not been said hundreds of times previously.

The answer is still the same no matter what way you look at it; there is no answer right now.

Numbers continue to amount daily in a seemingly never-ending death toll. Children weep for mothers & fathers taken by the war, parents weep for children taken before they can even hear them utter their first words or see that precious moment of their childs first steps on this earth.

Syria Refugee

The children of Syria

Millions are scattered across the globe with a destiny destitute to a life of struggle regardless of whether the war would even miraculously end tomorrow. Millions living under cloth in dusty, dirty grounds that is their haven, their sanctuary; the place that is now called home. If they are a slight bit fortunate they have a young child able to skip education who can work with all the others in the family through slave labour, earning less than what it costs to keep their family going, and their unfurnished or partly furnished apartment they are charged 3 times the rent just for being Syrian.

Children cry in hunger while their mothers hold back their own tears watching their hungry little ones in an attempt to show them strength to get through this difficult time, but the veil is but too thin, the children have already witnessed atrocities that should not be in the views of anyone in this world.

World leaders continue to stage discussions over the war of Syria, costing millions for a wondrous pre-planned show of talks staged so eloquently. Millions of dollars that could be saving lives, but the best suits must be worn, best foods & wines and all the delights must avail in luxurious resorts while the media gloriously battle for the best shots that will end up across social media edited accordingly to make fun of the powers of our world. Meanwhile, the people who truly matter in all of this, the millions forced to flee Syria and the millions trapped within the war trying to stay alive are none the wiser to any of these supposed events to assist Syria, let alone the outcome of the aid apparently being sent their way.

Syria; a country steeped in ancient history, artifacts studied of across the globe, lands that existed long before half the countries across our world who are apparently helping to make decisions for Syria, sites of great wonder visited by millions across the globe, and a hospitality never forgotten that stays in the hearts of those who got to experience Syria & the true people of Syria.

I could show you an endless supply of graphic imagery & footage our world has become rather immune to as we share it across social platforms with our sympathy, I could tell you all the stories of my time in Syria, kidnappings, arrests, near misses, lucky escapes and wonderous tales of survival and assistance and build up a fantastic amount of followers on twitter, Facebook and elsewhere; but I don’t simply because my story is of no importance, and nor will it bring any change sharing to you such graphic imagery that has truly become a norm to see from Syria worldwide. The war is too far gone and at this stage we must focus on the people of Syria, the surviving people of Syria and focus on their future which is not being done enough. Their tales of survival are all that matters and their future is all that must matter to the world.

The only thing I do want to share to you on a personal note while I work in Syria and surrounding is that I learned of love in Syria and from the people of Syria. I learned great lessons and continue to daily from the people of love like I could never imagine, kindness I could never describe. When someone is at their worst, tragedy all around and yet they will insist on taking me in; a complete stranger to them and give me hospitality better than that of my most loved ones I have known for years, it is beyond incredible and what inspires me to ensure I share the story of the people from the human side; the one that matters most.
The murder I witness, death, injuries, starvation and all the other frontline tragedy that comes with my work has taught me nothing but love, the need of love in our world and the great chaos our world is in to have these scenes I watch live. All I know from this is that it should not be happening under any reasons.

Syrian girl in refugee camp

A smile of love from a beautiful little Syrian girl who is now a refugee.

There is only one true gift that each of us hold in life and that is the gift of love. We have a great power to show love, give love and spread this across the sphere. I ask you to spread your love to the people of Syria, the people who need it most right now. I ask you to give what you can to help Syria, each and every soul can do something to help the people of Syria, in turn helping humanity, helping our world. Please focus on the love and share your gift.

I share this as I founded an organisation with some incredible souls this year to assist Syrians in need through special long-term projects, as well as urgently required aid where possible. In 2014 we plan to make it a lot bigger and improve how we assist and expand the amount of people we can assist.
We focus on victims of rape from the war and sexual abuse, PTSD in children, neo-natal care and have just started with setting up a long-term work program for Syrians, giving them work along with work with our organisation. We also assist with many individual cases for the Syrians who are often left out of the picture when not in a refugee camp and lacking the assistance they need from medical supplies, education needs and much more.

Please check out our website and spread the word. Please reach out and assist if you can, and if we are not suitable for what you feel your needs are to assist Syria then please get in touch, we can direct you to a range of incredible organisation doing fantastic hands on work who need great assistance too. Please focus on the smaller NGO’s when donating to Syria and assisting in any way; we all need your help and are always doing much more work than the large organisations.

Don’t forget about Syria this holiday season, and make a pledge to do something to help Syrians in need.

Spread Peace and Love daily in every aspect of your life daily…